Mobile CCTV

Crane Control and Surveillance – Wireless CCTV For Cranes

Wireless CCTV For Cranes

mobile-control-unit-with-tftExample of a mobile control unit with built-in video receiver and display, for simultaneous control and surveillance of cranes, sites and giant equipment.








We also have a  client who is excavating a huge underground tunnel across London and the crane operators need to see what’s below them. So, we installed a wireless camera in the shaft and transmitted video up to the crane operator receiver to allow the operator to see what’s happening in the shaft below him.

The specification needed to be real time transmission to minimise the risk of injury. Our licence free, no latency transmission has done the job. Simply Wireless!

Wireless CCTV for London Crane

Wireless CCTV for London Crane

Mobile HD Transmitter for Professional Broadcast – Wireless CCTV Systems

Mobile HD Transmitter for Professional Broadcast – Wireless CCTV Systems

VTQ UK are delighted to launch our new Mobile HD Transmitter for Professional Broadcast.

Mobile HD Transmitter for Professional Broadcast transmits and receives high-resolution video signals (HD) for mobile cameras reducing the need for cables. With its compact and robust housing concept, numerous interfaces and outstanding signal stability this transmitter is the ideal partner in every possible live situation.

Mobile HD Transmitter Professional Broadcast

Mobile HD Transmitter for Professional Broadcast


  • Low Delay (40ms typ.)
  • H.264 compression for best video quality
  • Video transmission in HD or SD
  • Embedded audio
  • All connectors directly at the device
  • All settings via buttons and display, no external hardware needed
  • Bright OLED display
  • V-mount connection between camera and battery
  • Additional D-Tap socket for supply of connected devices
  • Low power demand for mobile applications


  • Wireless video, audio, data transmission
  • Live events,
  • Sport events,
  • Electronic News Gathering (ENG)
  • Studio wireless links.

Further details of our Mobile HD Transmitter for Professional Broadcast click here for a full specification


VTQ UK are a leader in Wireless IP Communications for Wireless CCTV Systems and Wireless CCTV.


Microwave Transmission 2.4GHz vs 24GHz (Twenty Four)

2.4GHz vs 24GHz (Twenty Four)  Microwave Transmission.

The difference between 2.4GHz vs 24GHz (Twenty Four)  Microwave Transmission is so huge they sit at either end of the spectrum of license free, microwave transmission frequencies for use in the UK.

2.4GHz is what you need if you want to ping video around you home or install a very low powered domestic CCTV system. The microwave transmission power is only 10mW for a 2.4GHz system which makes it suitable for one or 2 cameras. Also, the 2.4GHz airwave is very cluttered because it’s what’s used for mobile phones so your chances of interrupted video streams are high. But, for a domestic use, the 2.4GHz link is perfect because it is very low coat.

The 24GHz microwave transmission system, however, is for long range links. It is completely legally within the UK. You can have 16 channels (and 32 for export versions and up to 10W) through the 24GHz system which will give you real time video for all 16/32 cameras in one area.

This microwave transmission system has been approved for use by International Airport Authorities for use at their sites as it will not interfere with any microwave systems being used by aircraft.

This is a professional system used by police, local authorities and defence agencies.

24GHz Microwave Link

Our newest technology providing 32 channels, 100mW power and a virtually unused frequency.

A brief specification follows:

  • License free and registration free 24GHz-ISM-band
  • Europe-wide usable
  • New, clean, unused frequency band, therefore interference free
  • Point-to point transmission
  • Point-to-multi point transmission
  • Transmission power: 100mW (EIRP)
  • Perfect radio wave propagation into waveguide similar systems such as pipes, tunnels, channels or street ravines
  • Compact construction with small antennas and high gains
  • Large range by aligned antennas
  • Minimal cost

VTQ UK are a leader in Wireless IP Communications for Wireless CCTV Systems and Wireless CCTV.


COFDM Wireless CCTV.

Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (COFDM) provides the highest quality secure realtime wireless broadcasts, and is well used throughout the world for many different types of CCTV application.

Before you purchase a COFDM system there are three things you should check to make sure you get a system that’s right for your project:

1. Ask for a demonstration of the COFDM system in exactly the location that you want to transmit video and audio. Suppliers often promise transmission that simply can’t be achieved.

2. Check the latency on the system when you get a demonstration. It’s important to have the control and speed you need for your application.

3. Cheap does not always mean the best even if your supplier gives you a refund, there can be a lot of lost resource in trying to replace a system. It can be a false economy to go for the bottom price.

Wireless CCTV – Stud Farm Security

Wireless CCTV – Stud Farm Security

An update on the stud farm security systems,  to date we’ve supplied wireless CCTV for three stud farms.

The schematic of the a typical stud farm CCTV system is below.

What’s so exciting about this project is that we were able to use alternative energy to power the 5 cameras and transmitters back to the main security centre. This meant that no power cables had to be laid underground to power the CCTV systems. Because the whole System was delivered via wireless CCTV, there was no need for any video cables. And, because we could place the cameras anywhere, it means that the system now has 360º vision with real time PTZ. Simply Wireless!

Stud Farm Wireless CCTV Schematic

Stud Farm Wireless CCTV Schematic


We are delighted to announce the launch of our new compact and powerful VIDEO AND TELEMETRY WIRELESS TRANSMISSION SYSTEM (VTTS)

The Video and Telemetry Transmission System (VTTS) is designed for streamlined, real time wireless CCTV transmission. This unit can be installed to any existing CCTV matrix turning a high cost fibred CCTV camera into to a free to air, wireless CCTV system.

Weatherproof up to IP66 and is suitable for harsh environments.

The VTTS transmits in real time with no latency. It can be used for multiple cameras in one area. It includes full wireless pan and tilt. The antenna is integral. Requires 9-24Vdc.



Contact us for prices according to your project.


Easy to install – plug and play

Size. 18cm x 13cm x 6cm and a Weight of 1 Kg



• Low Cost

• Real time transmission

• Up to 1km line-of-sight

• No fibre rental costs

• No civil engineering required

• Up to 16 channels

• Instant transmission

• Works with any matrix

• Integral antenna

• Power 9-24Vdc

• No latency

• No license required

• Complete flexibility

• IP66 Cabinet



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