IP Wireless Camera System

At VTQ UK we always take our time to ensure we launch the right IP wireless camera system; but this piece of kit is absolutely brilliant and here’s why.

If you have a town centre that needs a wireless camera system transmitted to a collection point in another town or city, you can have all your cameras in the town transmitting to a tall building with our IP wireless camera encoder stationed on top.

This will then send the signal to the collection point in the next town up to 30K away, de-code it and send it down to the local control room.

The image below illustrates this

IP Wireless Camera System

IP Wireless Camera System

This means you can have up to 88 (yes that’s 88!) cameras in one area with a 4K radius of the IP encoder and they will all transmit their real time, no pixelation video, audio and data to the required collection point.

We use free to air frequencies which means no on going costs.

These systems are made in the EU which means you are guaranteed quality.

Please contact us for data sheets and prices on 01590 689240 or drop us an email at [email protected]


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