VTQ WMS HD (Broadcast Wireless Monitoring System)

VTQ’s WMS ( Wireless Monitoring System) HD has been developed in close cooperation with ARRI Rental and UFA Serial Drama. A wireless Monitoring System that combines powerful wireless broadcast technology with simplest usability. Due to “Plug-and-Play” it is immediately fit for service and can virtually be connected and operated by everyone.

Forget movement restricting disrupters on set and thus questions like “Do you have image or do we need to take cable?”. You don’t need to worry about radio disrupters or cable in the future. Due to transmission security and range of a broadcast radio link, you can spent time on the basics and concentrate on your creative work.















  • High performance “plug-and-play”  monitoring platform – 
For TV and film sets where professional video logging or highly mobile monitors are required.
  • High quality HD video
 – With delay less than 20ms  at highest video quality, the transmission is made nearly in real time.
  • Stable COFDM transmission instead of fragile WiFi or OFDM
 – The system operates according to broadcast specifications with ranges of several kilometres. It can not be compared with other systems on the market that use OFDM or  WiFi Technology.
  • Rugged housing protected against all elements
 – The very robust aluminium housing can nearly be applied under any condition.
  • Quickly ready for action
 – The system starts within seconds and is immediately ready for action. Even after signal loss of several minutes transmitter and receiver find each other.
  • Created for all possible set conditions
 – The various versions of the VTQ WMS HD allow all room that you find on set.
  • Interference-free transmission up to 2500m – 
With standard antennas uninterrupted ranges of up to 2500m are achieved, with respective directional antennas up to 10km. As the applied COFDM technology benefits from reflexions the difference compared to other systems becomes quite clear when using it in buildings.

wms-hd-vmount-tx wms-hd-free-mount-tx wms-hd-receiver wms-hd-handheld-rx


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